Our Services

We assess and treat communication and swallowing disorders in the adult and geriatric population. We also provide training to facility staff across the areas of swallowing and communication. 

Swallowing Assessment

We assess swallowing through Bedside Swallowing Examination and using Modified Barium Swallows (when indicated). We create mealtime management plans to suit your individual and review swallowing function.

Menu Review and Meal Audits

We offer a Menu Review and Meal Audits from a swallowing perspective for hospitals and aged care facilities. This aims to support kitchen staff in decision making about appropriate options for modified diets. It is an excellent quality project for facilities.

Communication Assessment

We assess and treat all areas of communication including, voice, speech, language, fluency, cognitive communication, social communication. We also implement and train individuals to use alternate and augmentative forms of communication.

Staff Training

We offer training sessions to facility staff including carers, nurses, volunteers, and hospitality staff covering a range of practice areas.

Swallowing Intervention

We can also provide education and training to staff and family about swallowing function and offer swallowing rehabilitation depending on an individual’s needs.


We offer our services through a range of funding schemes such as; National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Self Referred/Private Health Insurance, Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and Enhanced Primary Care Plan.


Adult Speech Pathology consults in some of the private hospitals in Adelaide.  We work together with the medical, nursing and allied health staff in each location to provide multidisciplinary care.  We can see patients daily or as often as required during their inpatient stay.

The Community

It can be difficult for individuals to travel to a clinic to receive ongoing therapy after discharge from hospital. Adult Speech Pathology will provide assessment and therapy in your own home. Therapy at home can be more practical and tailored to your specific needs after such events as a stroke or head injury. Swallowing assessments can also be more comfortable in your own environment, and we can assist you in selecting appropriate foods to eat at home.

Aged Care

Adult Speech Pathology provides services to aged care facilities. Our services meet the needs of residents requiring speech pathology assessment and therapy for both swallowing and communication, as well as providing the facility with the support required for Accreditation. We also offer staff training sessions and menu reviews and audits.