How to make a referral to Adult Speech Pathology

Please feel welcome to contact us directly to make a referral.  In most cases a doctor’s referral is not required.  Phone 8274 1551.

When making a referral you will speak directly to one of our Speech Pathologists.  If we are consulting and unable to take your call, we will return your call.

If you prefer, referrals can also be made by fax: 8271 1588 or by email:

Referrals  for patients with DYSPHAGIA at your facility:

When referring a patient with dysphagia to Adult Speech Pathology, there is some information which will assist us when organising an appointment:

  • The resident/patient’s name, area and facility name, e.g. Joan Brown, Magnolia wing, Rosebud Residential Care
  • Your name and contact telephone no.
  • The nature of the referral, i.e. is the person having difficulty with particular foods, fluids, medications, or is the person doing well and requires assessment for a possible upgrade of their diet and/or fluids
  • The person’s current diet and fluids consistency, e.g. normal diet, cut up, and mildly thickened fluids